by Fito

Things I love to do in my life

Reading Books

I read books quite late, starting freshman year in university

But by now it can be said that I cannot do without books in my bag when i hang out, it has formed a habit.

As a book reader, I never said reading will bring you success, wealth and prosperity. But personally, books are like best friends, helping you to find the connection between ourselves and life, it is a comforter, a supporter.

Especially through books we will know more about life, thereby enriching our own life.


I am a very body-conscious person, exercising is something I absolutely love and I do almost every day.

In which Jogging is a subject that I love the most. Jogging is a simple subject, but not really simple.

Jogging taught me perseverance, discipline, and pushing myself beyond my limits. And those things took a long time to form a separate ideology, and it applies to all aspects of my life now.

But what I like the most, is that when jogging, it not only helps me exercise, but also relaxes my mind and takes time for myself to think about life and the future.

Travel Guide

I must say, I love to travel, I love to explore and see the world.

My view on travel is to experience, to experience to the fullest. It’s impossible to travel but to relax, to waste time sleeping, that’s not my style of travel.

I love crazy exploration, immersing myself in destinations. From there, it helps me to have a look at the lives of many peoples and countries. Contributing to enriching his spiritual life, as well as improving my understanding of the world.

Latin America

The biggest reason I like the Spanish language is because of Leo Messi. He is my only idol, a contemporary legend of world football. It’s the source of the reason I started learning Spanish.

In the process of learning the Spanish language, feel like you have liked this language through its culture, history, people and lifestyle.

“Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire” – Charles Quint V famously said in the sixteenth century: “I speak Spanish with God, Italian to the women, French to the men, and German to my horse.

Things I need for my life


From my point of view, family is a very important thing, surely it is the most important in me.

I always spend time with my family when I can!

A warm family, a fulcrum, a solid back for me to create other successes in life.

“Family is not the only thing, but without family other things do not make sense.”


I am especially interested in knowledge, it’s like a friend who supports me to improve myself day by day, I always learn everything that I can touch.

Knowledge helps me have a more objective view of life, each aspect of life, thereby enriching my way of life.

“Knowledge may not make me rich, but knowledge helps me live to the fullest.”


Love is the taste of life.

It allows us to experience feelings and levels that cannot be described by words.

Love for me is voluntary, unhesitating, frenzied, giving without taking in return.

“Who knows how many people we can meet and love in this life? Why can not we be sincere while we can?


People often say “rich for friends, luxury for wife”

Good relationships, will create you a lot of value, help me improve myself and develop day by day.

Be honest, natural selection will eliminate unnecessary and appropriate relationships. Until I surround myself with good relationships.

“The distance between relationships will be shortened with sincerity!”


I always discovery when ever I can!

That discovery will help you improve your thinking, life style, and satisfy what you need in this busy life.

We are young, why should we stay in such a safe place. So that when we are old, we will regret the brief moments of youth.

“Let is break the fear, fight for what we like”